Hera- Ultra Front Line

Package includes costume, backpack, wristband army t-shirt, toilet band, drink & food, music and security.


We cater up to a 34 F in standard bra top in the black frontline and Backline Section
"This is for whoever wants full coverage"


With her array of ravishing colour, alluring all eyes and attention from all & every direction, she is truly the goddess of beauty and royalty. A kaleidoscope of colours she eradicates grey skies and brings colour to life. She is the patron to her flock, bringer of life, known for her eternal youth & enchanting beauty. We give you, the majestic, extravagant Hera. Goddess of colours.

Package includes costume, backpack, wristband army t-shirt, toilet band, drink & food, music and security.


Terms & Conditions

Upon registering to play in a costume and/or fun mas section with Tears Mas, a minimum 50% deposit of the total price is required. The 50% deposit and any additional payments, including the full payments, are non-refundable.
All Registration for Customs (Except Army & Fun Mas) ends on the 28th of May 2022. The deadline  for Funmas Woman is the 15th of July 

In the event of any pandemic-related issues including and not limited to Covid-19, Tears Mas is not responsible or liable for any change of Covid related protocols, policies or restrictions in any country, state, city, borough, counties, districts, parishes, or provinces.

This includes lockdowns and restrictions to large gatherings of which Notting Hill Carnival falls within.

In the event that Notting Hill Carnival is postponed or cancelled, the production of the costumes will be halted.

Despite Government restrictions being relaxed, Tears Mas will remain to practice the following Covid-19 precautions in order to uphold its health, safety, and cleanliness standards:

• Hand sanitising
• Washing hands regularly when handling food
• Maintain safe social distancing indoors and small spaces. Adhering to city requirements that may or may not require the use of face masks

By registering with Tears Mas and its associates, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions.

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Cut Out Monokini, Whole Monokini


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