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Mascamp Hours

Q: What are the Mas Camp opening hours?
A: Tears Mas Camp is open Monday to Friday, 6pm – 9pm. The Mas Camp is closed on Weekends & Public Holidays


Q: What do I need for costume registration?
A: Size Information:
Ladies: Bra Size, Hip measurement (in inches), Bottom Piece Size [S, M, L, Etc]
Men: Waist Size (in inches) Bottom Size [S, M, L, Etc] and Chest Size
Make a Deposit  or full payment


Q: Can I order extra items with my costumes?
A: Yes depending on the costumes different additional options may be available. Generally for ladies the options will be listed on the registration page.


Q: Are costumes I transferable ?
A: Yes,  Bring a letter from the original costume owner authorising the transfer, please note the costume size will not be changed.

Collecting for a Friend

Q:  Can another person collect my costume on my behalf?
A: Yes, you must provide the person collecting with a signed letter authorising  to collect the costume on your behalf, accompanied by a copy of your ID. Alternatively, you can send an authorisation email to


Q: When do I collect my costume?
A: The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders and posted on our website. Different sections will have different distribution dates. The final date of costume distribution is 22nd August 2019.
You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date, prior to the deadline, however priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day.

Fast Track

Q: What is the Fast Track service?
A: Fast Track is a priority service provided by Tears Mas giving masqueraders who have paid in full for their costumes priority during the costume collection process.

Final Payment

Q: When do I need to pay for my costume?
A: Costumes must be paid for in full prior to collection, deadline for balance payments is 5th July 2019. Masqueraders payments are done via bank or online transfer.

Costume Fitting

Q: I have collected my costume but it does not fit.
A: You must ensure all measurements and sizes provided are accurate. There can be no alterations to costumes after measurements have been submitted.

What's In The Bag

Q: What do I get when I come to collect my Costume ?
A: You will receive your costume package in full, Tears Mas Goody Bag, Cup and Tears Mas Wristband. Premium and Frontline sections also receive an army T - shirt and wrist band for Sunday. Your costume is not complete without a wristband and masqueraders not wearing their wristbands will be removed from the band.

Rest Room

Q: Is there a mobile rest room available for masqueraders?
A: Yes, there is a mobile rest room available for masqueraders that is charged for separately at a rate of £10 per day.

Mailing List

Q: How do I join the Tears Mas Mailing list?
A: Send an email to under heading add to mailing list.


Q: What does Tears Mas all-inclusive package include?
A: Tears Mas all-inclusive package includes premium drinks, breakfast, lunch, security and of course your costume. 

Other Events

Q: What events do you host annually?
A: Tears Mas annual events include our Band Launch, Notting Hill Carnival, our After Party and New Years’ Eve Party.


Q: I am interested in providing a service / becoming a sponsor of Tears Mas – who do I contact?
A: Please email our Operations Manager at


Q: What music is played on the road?
A: Tears Mas offers a variety of DJs with different styles to appeal to every masquerader.

Meeting Point

Q: Where does the band meet?
A: The starting point is Ladbroke garden and Kensington Gardens, exact location may vary so be sure to check your members guide [map] which is included with your costume package.

Start Time

Q: What time do we start?
A: The band departs at 12:00 pm on Carnival Sunday and Carnival Monday. All masqueraders are requested on Sunday arrive at 10:30 am and on Monday it is 7:45- 8:30am. The band departs at 10:00 am on Monday. Meeting destination corner of Ladbroke garden and Kensington Gardens.